Revolutionize atherosclerosis diagnosis with artificial intelligence

PLAKK harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a more accurate, accessible, and faster approach to improve how researchers and clinicians characterize atherosclerotic plaque features and instability. With our platform, we will improve clinical decision making.



Fast, precise plaque analysis

PLAKK’s automated AI platform provides greater accuracy and precision than visual scoring, while allowing researchers and physicians to achieve results faster and at a lower cost.

Removing human bias

The current techniques to determine the stability of plaque rely on subjective techniques that are prone to bias. PLAKK’s AI-based approach eliminates any potential bias and interindividual variability when analyzing plaque features to obtain a more consistent analysis across patients and across users.

A more inclusive approach

Women and other diverse ethnicities are underrepresented in clinical research in the cardiovascular sciences. PLAKK will work to diversify the data collected to identify the difference in plaque composition and morphology to generate more accurate diagnoses specific to these populations.

Accessible Techniques

The current techniques require researchers to have previous knowledge and experience in vascular pathology. With PLAKK, any researcher or clinician can obtain the results they need.